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fatty adj : containing or composed of fat; "fatty food"; "fat tissue" [syn: fat] [ant: nonfat] n : a rotund individual [syn: fatso, fat person, roly-poly, butterball] [ant: thin person] [also: fattiest, fattier]

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  1. Containing, composed of, or consisting of fat.
  2. Like fat; greasy.
  3. Literally of figuratively large.
    Be careful of the taxi drivers out there though, I've heard they sell you drugs, drop you off at your hotel and then dob you in to the Thai Police to get a fatty reward!
    Instead of going my normal route (ordering the book through the store, checking it out in person, and then ordering it online so I could get a fatty discount) I impulsively bought the book.
    I'm trying to get a fatty project done in a couple of hours right now.

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containing fat
like fat


  1. In the context of "pejorative|slang": An obese person.


fat person

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